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Trusted HVAC Experts, keep you in the comfort zone by delivering HVAC solutions and ensuring a carbon-free future.

Our Mission

Implement Energy Efficient Air conditioning & Refrigeration Techniques to reduce the Global Carbon Footprint.

Our Plan

Incorporate existing designs with new, innovative concepts, and look ahead to the latest HVAC industry trends.

Our Vision

To meet the expectations with technical expertise and offer HVAC & R solutions and ensuring a carbon-free future.

About Us

Our goal is to meet the surging global cooling demand with ingenuity and a fervent dedication to sustainable practices, paving the way for a Carbon-Free Future.

Innovation meets passion in the realm of climate control.

At AI Thermal Systems, we are a vibrant and innovative team of experts armed with Masters in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, dedicated to addressing the surging global cooling demand.

Fueled by the vision of a carbon-free future, we passionately pioneer sustainable solutions in HVAC and refrigeration. Our journey involves seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies, from inventive HVAC design to meticulous AHU application, cold room installations, and transformative energy audits.

AI Thermal Systems is not just a name; it's a pulsating energy, a force reshaping the narrative of air conditioning and refrigeration. Join us in this vibrant journey as we revolutionize the industry, answering the call for cooling with innovation, passion, and an unwavering commitment to a sustainable tomorrow.

Our Services

Our services encompass the seamless integration of HVAC design, AHU/Chiller/Heat Pumps Design & Application, Cold Room Design & Installation, Energy Audit & Retrofit Solutions, Advanced IAQ Solutions, UVC & Bipolar Ionization and Duct Work Design & ESP Calculation

HVAC- Design,Consulting, Projects & Services

HVAC involves the strategic planning, consulting, project execution, and service delivery for efficient indoor climate control systems.

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AHU, Chiller, Heat Pumps - Design & Application

The Air Handling Unit ensures precise air regulation, while Chillers and Heat Pumps work synergistically to control temperatures, offering efficient climate control for various environments.

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Cold Room - Design & Installation

Meticulous planning and execution of spaces tailored for low-temperature storage, ensuring the effective preservation of perishable goods.

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Energy Audit & Retrofit Solutions(EC Fan)

Systematic examination of energy usage leading to tailored retrofit solutions for enhanced energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings and systems.

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Advanced IAQ Solutions - UVC & Bipolar Ionization

Implementation of cutting-edge UVC and Bipolar Ionization technologies for advanced Indoor Air Quality solutions, purifying and optimizing enclosed spaces.

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Duct Work - Design & ESP Calculation

Precision planning of duct systems for optimal air distribution, coupled with External Static Pressure (ESP) calculation to maintain efficient airflow in HVAC systems.

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Discover Our Products - A curated selection of innovative solutions for optimal climate control. Explore efficiency and performance in every product.

  • Products List

Air Handling Units(AHU)

AHUs efficiently control temperature, humidity, and air quality in various environments, ensuring comfort and reliability.

Treated Fresh Air Units

TFAUs efficiently filter and condition incoming air, ensuring a fresh and comfortable environment while meeting ventilation standards.

Ventilation & Exhaust Units

These units ensure efficient removal of pollutants and maintain fresh indoor environments, promoting comfort and air quality.

Roof-Top Packaging Units

These units offer space-efficient HVAC solutions, combining heating, cooling, for seamless integration in diverse building structures.


HVAC filters capture particles and contaminants, ensuring clean maintain fresh indoor environments, and healthy indoor air quality.


These units efficiently extract excess humidity, enhancing comfort and preventing issues like mold growth in indoor environments.

Computer Room Air-Conditioning(CRAC)

CRAC units ensure precise temperature and humidity control, safeguarding the optimal performance of critical IT equipment.

Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling Unit

These units use a dual-stage process to provide effective climate control, maintaining comfortable and sustainable indoor environments.

Air Washer Units

These units employ a water-based filtration system to remove impurities, ensuring cleaner and healthier indoor air for enhanced well-being and comfort.

Air Ionization Units

These devices release charged ions into the air, effectively reducing airborne particles, and contributing to improved indoor air quality for a healthier and more comfortable environment.

UV Lamps

These lamps efficiently disinfect air and surfaces by neutralizing bacteria and viruses, enhancing overall hygiene and promoting a healthier indoor environment.

Cold Room Storage

Engineered for optimal temperature control, these storage spaces ensure the effective preservation of perishable goods, maintaining freshness and quality over extended periods.

PUF Panels

PUF panels provide superior insulation, ensuring temperature control in various applications, from cold storage to construction, with lightweight and durable characteristics.

PICV Valves & Actuators

It offer precise flow control, optimizing HVAC system performance by maintaining constant flow rates, ensuring energy efficiency and temperature regulation.

Dry Scrubber Unit

This unit efficiently removes pollutants from industrial exhaust gases, promoting environmental compliance and enhancing air quality in various industrial processes.


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